Like a lot of people, I used Sonic Foundry’s(later sold to Sony) “Sound Forge” product for years.  It’s a great editor- but I no longer really have a need for an offline/separate sound editor.  Sound Forge had this nasty habit of littering my sample folders with .ASD files.  My DAW just looked past them- but now that I’m in the process of a large scale rearrangement of my samples(about 30,000!), I am constantly running into scenarios that complicate things because of the double extension…plus, the files are useless tidbits.

AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT… I write Powershell code for a living.  I feel dumb because I completely failed to integrate these two parts of my life.  Here’s a quick one-liner that will recurse a folder, and (permantently!)purge .ASD files:

Get-ChildItem C:\Audio\ -Recurse |Where-Object {$_ -like "*.wav.asd"} |Remove-Item