Generic Disco Record

The way I see records like this happening is as follows:
kid: Dad, I really need a hot disco record by somebody like Peter Brown.
dad: if you’re good i’ll get you one on the way home from work this friday.

Dad goes to the store, and finds that he can get this GREAT compilation of a bajillion disco hits for $3.99 and jumps on it. Then he gives it to the kid who immediately finds out that its not the original artists, its some pretty average 4 piece cover band with an upright piano. DAD!
So, without further ado, I present to you, a Friday double feature from Disco Dancin’ Fever from Pickwick records-notorious maker of children’s story and haunted house records.
Dance with Me, and Risky Changes.

If there was really such a thing as “disco standards” then this record covers them. I really like records like this, because since most of them were made right as disco was waining a little bit(1978) they illustrate the disco-house transition in a way that we seldom see done. Listen to that little bit of compression on Risky Changes as it cuts through the cheesy piano lines-thats house in the making. Records like these are a much more effective tool at looking at music history than the ones by the artists themselves because they’ve cut all the artistic quality out of the record and made it entirely as generic as possible. So I guess if you wanted the most generic possible distillation of what dance music looked like in 78, this would be a better place to look than an “original” band who is going to fill their record with “personality” – although I really can’t give disco too much credit for that.

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