Hi.  I’m David.  I work in technology- usually occupying line-blurring roles like Site Reliability Engineer and DevOps Engineer.  But sometimes I’m a Systems Administrator or a Software Developer.  I enjoy the constant challenge and opportunity to learn that these jobs provide me.

I also really enjoy music.  deltasleep is my life’s 17-year side project.  deltasleep has changed as I got older, and just like me, it’s never fit conveniently into a category.  deltasleep has been all kinds of things- but usually it’s oscillated between rock and electronic music.  It’s hit or miss, but when it’s on, it’s on.  I make no money on this project, and I have no intention to. Because of this, I feel total license to take risks, make mistakes, and be as ambitious as I want.

This blog is about whatever I feel like writing about- it, also, refuses to be categorized.